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Review for Module 1

1. Who is responsible for luggage after signing it out from the BSO?

d) Sandhills Delivery Service

When signing out luggage from the BSO, we are taking ownership of the luggage until such time as we deliver the luggage to the passenger and obtain one of the 6 approved delivery signatures. It is critical that each driver protect the luggage from damage/theft and never leave the luggage at a location without one of the 6 approved delivery methods. Doing so may result in a claim to the airlines and ultimately Sandhills Delivery Service. If the driver has caused damage to a bag or delivered without obtaining one of the approved signature methods, he/she will be responsible for the claim which could be as high as $3,300 per bag.

2. What do we call the 3 BDO copies and what do we do with each of them?

a) Station Copy (Sign and leave with agent), Vendor copy

(Sign out luggage and have passenger print/sign/date and time),

and the Customer copy (this is the drivers copy for his/her records)

3. If you see damage to the bag, what should you do?

b) Document damage on BDO's and have agent initial

Sandhills is responsible for any damage to luggage that occurs while in our possession.

Never accept damaged luggage from the BSO without documenting it and having the

BSO agent initial on both Station and Vendor copies. This eliminates any liability that

the passenger may claim when they receive their luggage.

4. If the name, tag number(s) and description don’t match the BDO, what should you do?

d) Review and document on BDO's with agent

You always want to document any changes to a BDO. If the information given to the driver was incorrect,

you now have documentation showing you were following BSO instructions

even though the initial information did not line up.