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Review for Module 10

1. At Sandhills delivery service we mail out your statements on the 5th and 20th of each month, true or false?

False, a report is emailed a couple days before the 5th and 20th, unless it falls on a weekend. Saturdays you will receive direct deposit on Fridays and on Sundays you get paid on Monday.

2. All of your invoiced deliveries for all airlines will be in...

B. One email, the email contains all of the contents. Each individual PDF which is also the invoice

contains only one airline, so if you're looking for a Delta delivery, it would not be under the

American airlines invoice.

3. Which module gives a more in-depth understanding of the Rbags system?

C. Module six, module six has a video as part of its training that is 17 minutes long and gives

you an in-depth/starting understanding of the rbags system.

4. If the number/date on rbags is before the number on the report that means…

A. You were paid on an earlier check

5. If the number/date is the same it should be there and if it is not…

D. Contact management immediately so they can verify and rectify the issue

6. If the number/date is after the information on the report that means…

B. That BDO will be paid later, more than likely next pay period