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Review for Module 2

1. How should the driver introduce him/herself when reaching a passenger?

b) With clarity give name, airline & Company name

It is important that when you call a passenger, you speak clearly and confidently. Introduce yourself by name as a driver for Sandhills Delivery Service and the airline you are making the delivery for. At the end of the conversation, offer them your phone number and let them know it is OK to contact you if they have any questions prior to your arrival.

2. What should the driver confirm when speaking to the passenger?

c) Confirm address, any helpful info, ETA, & offer your #

When reaching a passenger, you must speak with clarity and confidence, identify yourself and the company you work for along with the airline you are delivering for. Confirm the address and any additional information that will help you locate the delivery location and make sure you have prearranged one of the 6 methods of obtaining authorization for delivery.

3. If you don’t reach the passenger, what should the message you are leaving with them consist of?

a) Your name, company name, airline, and ask them to call ASAP to confirm info

Always state your name, company name an airline name along with whom the message is directed to (Passenger name). Ask them to call you back at (your number) to arrange delivery of their luggage. After leaving this message, text the passenger with a similar message. Many times, passengers don?t answer calls when they don?t recognize the number calling them. Quite often, a text will be read and the passenger will text or call you immediately.

If the passenger is upset and rude to you, what should the driver do?

c) Listen, apologize & let them know you are resolving the issue

If a passenger is upset, they may try and draw you into a negative discussion. You have to understand that the passenger has had a negative experience and they may want to vent. If they do, just listen to them and apologize on behalf of the airline. Tell them you will do everything possible to get them their luggage as quickly as possible (do not give exact time, always give a minimum of a 2 hour window for delivery unless it is the only delivery you have and you are confident you can be there in whatever time frame you give).