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Review for Module 3

1. What is the time frame after receiving a BDO for contacting the Passenger?

d A and B

If you work at a site with scheduled sweep times, each passenger must be contacted within 30 minutes of signing out their luggage. If your site operates on shifts (meaning you work between 8 am - 1pm, etc), then you should access the APP at least every 30 minutes during your shift and contact any deliveries that appear, regardless of where you are. Reaching out the passengers as quickly as possible is essential in providing good customer service and advanced notice as to when we will be able to deliver their luggage to them.

2. How do I know how long I have to make a delivery?

a “Deliver BY: Time” listed on each delivery

You have chosen the wrong answer. Delivery times are based on distance from the airport and vary between 1 hour or drive time for those more than 1 hour from airport (specials), 1 - 4 hours (Standard Deliveries within Zones A - D), 4 - 6 hours (Standard Deliveries within zones E - G) and 6 - 12 hours (Standard Mileage deliveries). The delivery end time is listed on the WMS APP when you open any delivery in the Current Delivery bucket.

3. When making deliveries, what order should they be made in? Explain

The driver should always map out the deliveries before leaving the airport and route them in a way that gets them from the closest to the furthest delivery in the shortest amount of time possible. (NOTE: If you are delivering more than 40 miles from the airport, never take a local delivery with you that you don’t make contact with and are assured of making the delivery).

4. There are Six approved method(s) of making a delivery, fill in the blank

Passenger signs; ___________________; Passenger leaves note; Signature is “waived” on WMS APP; Text or VM by passenger waiving signature; Obtaining someone other than the passengers signature.

b BDO gives authorization to leave

There are six approved methods of leaving luggage. The best and safest approach is when the passenger signs for the luggage. This ensures you always deliver the correct luggage every time (passengers will always tell you if you’re delivering the wrong bags.). Other methods include; 1) BDO authorization (often the passenger agrees to have his/her luggage left on the porch. This is an acceptable means of delivery but does not mean you should not make contact with passenger ahead of time to verify address information and any unique delivery location information you can obtain. 2) Passenger leaving a NOTE (When this occurs, it is the drivers responsibility to retrieve the note and staple it to the BDO before turning in. Also, driver should always verify the bags being left, notes don’t tell you if you’re leaving the wrong bag.) Signature is “waived” on WMS APP, which can also be found on the rbags site. Text or VM by passenger waiving signature, it always good to get a description of the home. Obtaining someone other than the passenger’s signature, like a neighbor.

5. What must the driver do if he/she delivers the wrong bag to an address?

c Call pax & correct the mistake

It is important to always triple check when authorized to leave a bag without the passenger present. It is the drivers responsibility to retrieve any luggage delivered to the wrong address and get it to the appropriate passenger immediately. The driver will not be paid any extra for this so it is imperative that you always confirm where you are and make sure you leave the correct luggage. It is highly recommended that if you are talking on the phone when making a delivery, hang up and focus on what you are doing.

6. Whose responsibility is it to make sure the luggage remains safe and secure after signing it out of the Baggage Service Office (BSO)?

b You, the driver

When signing out luggage from the BSO, we are transferring ownership of the luggage from the BSO to Sandhills Delivery Service. It is imperative that each driver treat the luggage retrieved from the BSO as if it is their own luggage. Leaving it unattended at any time after signing it out increases the risk of theft while in our possession. When the luggage is in your car, always have it locked (i.e. if you have to stop to use a restroom, etc.). It is the drivers responsibility to ensure the luggage is safe and never stolen. Each piece of luggage has a value of $3,300 so losing it is very expensive. Please always take care to secure the luggage once we have signed it out. Transfer to the passenger relieves us of liability, but only when done with one of the approved delivery methods discussed herein.