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Review for Module 4

1. Before you can do anything you need to:

C Download the app

Before you can work on the App you need to download it!

2. If the passenger is not signing for the luggage, what needs to happen?

C Both a and b

When the passenger is not signing for the BDO you must take a picture of said delivery(with house number, if all possible) and you still need to have the electronic order "signed" again with LOP (Leave On Porch) for records. Again with American and Delta we must have written permission, United it is ok to leave as long as it is a safe place.

3. When do you mark the BDO out for delivery?

D After assigning but before leaving the airport

Step 5 Once you are in your car in the airport parking lot, click on the assigned bucket and choose the delivery(s) and mark them as out for delivery (the truck at the bottom)