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Review for Module 5

1. Zone Pricing for all deliveries are predetermined by?

b zip code

Every zip code has been put into a zone based on the zip to zip mileage using the airport zip code and the delivery zip code

2. An address that is 27 miles away from the airport is considered a:

c Zone C delivery

20.1-30 miles is the mileage for zone C

3. What is the ten mile radius for zone D?

d 30.1-40 miles

Zone D deliveries are 30.1-40 miles away from the airport zip code

4. If you see 00000 as the zip code, you need to:

c either B or D

You may go on and correct the zip code or call management and have them correct

5. Anything over 60.1 miles is considered a mileage delivery.

b False

60.1-70 miles is zone G. At some airports we do have other zones, but anything over 70 miles is considered mileage