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Review for Module 6

1. How do you access RBAGS?

d A and C

From any computer, just type in or from our contractor page you can select the rbags button; if you do not have our page saved it is easier to go straight to the site and you can access all your deliveries from there by clicking on BDO in the upper left corner of the screen.

2. What is the easiest way to find a particular BDO to review?

c Use the search at top to input, choose ALL BDO’s

There are many ways to find an individual BDO, all using one or more fields listed at the top of the page. The easiest way is the last name of the passenger in the “Last name” field. Click on find and the BDO(s) with this person’s last name will appear. Review the listed BDO’s for the one you delivered which can be identified by your name in the ”delivered by” field or by the BDO number itself.

3. What should I verify is correct when looking at a particular BDO?

b Everything so that you get paid properly

It is the driver’s responsibility to review each delivery on RBAGS within 7 days of the delivery. Verifying the correct pickup time, delivery time, zip code, driver name and name of person signing for bag (if not the passenger) all must be correct. Review the pricing to see if it seems correct. If you drove 90 miles and it pays $10, it is probably not correct. If any of this is wrong, contact your district manager so he/she can make the necessary corrections. Pick up time and delivery time should be within 10 minutes of actual times documented on BDO.

4. What should you do if the BDO does not appear in RBAGS?

a Choose “ALL BDOS” and try again, first

More often than not, when a BDO does not appear when searching for it, it is because you have misspelled the passenger name or left the search field as “non invoiced bdo’s”. Choose the “All BDO’s” button and verify the name is spelled correctly. Hit “FIND” again and you should see the BDO in question. If it is still not there, contact your district manager so he/she can determine if it is there or needs to be created.

5. How do you correct and invalid address/zip code?

d Click on the BDO itself (far left)

It is important that all the address information is correct, including the zip code. All pricing is based on zip codes so making sure this is correct is extremely important. If it is incorrect, click on the BDO number (far left), locate the address information and make the appropriate corrections. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and locate the box for adding comments. Indicate in that box what you did and click on “Add”. The comments will be added to the record (bottom of page). Click on “Save” (top left corner of page) and then review your changes to see that they took. If the zip code was changed, you may see a different price if it caused the delivery to be in a different zone.

6. How long do I have to make corrections to my BDO’s?

c 7 days

While we ask you to verify this information with 24 hours to insure proper billing immediately, you can do this up to 7 days after delivery. Just remember that if a BDO is incorrect and you wait 7 days to correct it, it may miss a billing cycle and you will have to wait until the next billing cycle to be paid for it. Each driver should review their deliveries on RBAGS every day to insure everything is correct and billable. If you wait more than 7 days, the BDO may have been invoiced and further action by the District Manager will be necessary to fix the BDO.