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Review for Module 7

1. A VIP delivery is someone who has…?

c paid so they do not have to wait at the carousel

This is a growing segment of our business and these passengers are not wanting to wait the 20-30 minutes at the carousel. So we want to provide superior service so that they will use the service time and again

2. Where do you pick the VIP luggage from?

a the carousel

This is not a standard delayed delivery, so you will not need to retrieve the luggage from the BSO, you need to arrive no later than 15 minutes after flight has arrived and get the luggage off of the carousel

3. Is there an extra step to picking up a VIP delivery? Explain

a Yes

You need to show(via the app) that the luggage has been "Picked Up",

and then go through the rest of the steps

4. If the flight is delayed, what do you need to do immediately?

b contact management

VIP orders do get top priority, so as soon as you see that the flight is delayed contact management immediately so they can let VIP services know what is going on.

Also you will need to wait so that the bag is delivered in a timely manner

and once bag is in hand you will want to contact passenger to give them an ETA