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Review for Module 8

1. Where do you find the schedule?

d all the above

All three answers are correct, but for most up to date schedule and quickest way to access you will want to visit

2. If a change to the schedule is necessary the day of, it is the:

d both A and B

It is the responsibility of the Driver to find a replacement if the schedule has already been created or can not work a shift. They need to contact management once they have found someone and/or needing assistance to find someone

3. If you work at an airport with shifts and not sweep times, whose responsibility is it to pick up a delivery that comes in at 15:57 if the shifts are from (driver A)9:00-16:00; (driver B)16:00-23:30?

a Driver A

All though we encourage team effort, when a delivery comes in at a certain time, it is the responsibility of the driver on that shift to take care of all the deliveries

4. If your name is in red that means that you need to be at the airport during the sweep time.

b False

Your name in red means you are on call and do not have to drive to the airport. It also means that if the first driver is in need of assistance you are prepared to go in 30 minutes of being called

5. When requesting time off in advance, you:

d go to site to take time off using the comment box

It is a good idea to communicate with as many people possible, in as many ways, the correct way to request time off is through the website.