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Review for Module 9

1. Team meetings are:

d a and b

Team meetings are extremely important and are necessary for all drivers. These will be scheduled in advance (same time, same day [as possible] at least four times a year and should be attended by all drivers unless prior approval received by management. This is your opportunity to ask questions and get answers not only to your questions but by other drivers as well. Additionally, this is when management will inform you of any changes, new rules, etc so attendance by all drivers needs to be stressed. These are mandatory.

2 Each driver is expected to keep their causal code below what %?

c 10% or less

The only exception to these standard delivery windows is when you can’t reach a passenger or when the passenger requests an alternative time for delivery. It is each drivers responsibility to contact the passenger as quickly as possible to ascertain a delivery window. Historically, this results in an overall causal code % of 10% or less for all deliveries. If a drivers causal codes exceed 10%, management will work with the driver to determine how to reduce these. Because this is critical element of measurement for the overall company, managers will be monitoring this.

3 What must you order within 30 days of starting with Sandhills Delivery that is a contract requirement?

b company shirt

Within 30 days of starting, each driver is responsible for ordering a company shirt(s) from the website. Until the shirt is received, drivers should dress casually but appropriately for work. This includes a polo shirt with collar and pants/shorts with no holes that are presentable for work. Once you have received your shirt(s), these must be worn at all times when working.

4 Not following procedures or items mentioned from the basics can result in:

d B and C

Not following procedures or not doing any of the before mentioned items will result in

corrective coaching and/or up to dismissal.