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This document is intended to give guidance to Site Managers in their daily interaction with the Airports, Airline Management and Contracted Drivers. The overall role is to create a functional team that insures we meet the Airline and Passenger expectations. The Site Managers focus should be on finding quality individuals, training them appropriately, and setting an expectation that while they are running their own business, they are part of a team so their actions or inactions affect the overall performance of the site. Our overall performance will only be as good as the weakest link so focusing on having quality people that understand their role and responsibilities is the primary role of the site manager.

Specific Responsibilities include:

1. Maintain an active schedule for the site. The schedule should be posted where agents can find it so they can direct questions to the driver on shift. Include all phone numbers on the schedule as well as your number for any emergencies that may arise.

2. RBAGS Review: The site manager’s responsibilities include:

a. Insuring drivers are closing out their invoicing of individual deliveries within 24 hours of delivery

b. Creating NEW BDO’s that are not in the system

c. Purging of those BDO’s that were created in error

3. Meet quarterly with management to discuss performance and make any corrections that are necessary to improve service.

4. Review flight schedules seasonally to insure our schedule meets the needs of increased or decreased flights.

5. Provide basic training for new hires including the review of SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) and answer any questions they may have including basic training on RBAGS , IVR (phone call in system) and Where’s My Suitcase (WMS)

6. Provide direction and corrective action to drivers that are not meeting minimum expectations of the job.

7. Review Metrics weekly (See SOP #10) to evaluate where improvement needs to be made and work with Senior Management to develop corrective actions as necessary.

8. Hiring: The site manager will be given the opportunity to meet with potential candidates with a goal of identifying those candidates they feel will fit well into the team. Senior Management (if requested) will also meet with and insure each candidate has the necessary tools as well as meets our criteria for being a contracted delivery driver. The ultimate decision will be a collaborative effort with the goal of bringing in drivers that are capable of handling the job and will be an asset to the overall team.

9. Termination: If after the appropriate amount of counseling and retraining, you feel a driver is not working out, Senior Management will take responsibility for terminating the driver and starting the process of hiring a new driver.