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The following Standard Operating Procedure applies to the process we follow when retrieving luggage from the airlines. Following this procedure is mandatory.

1) Retrieve the Baggage Delivery Order (BDO) from the Airline and match it up to the bags to be delivered.

a. Match the name on the bag to the name on the BDO

b. Match the bag tag on the bag to the bag tag on the BDO(when provided)

2) Verify the following information is on the BDO

a. Valid address

b. Valid phone number(s) Note: if only one phone number is on BDO, ask the agent if there is a 2 number in the reference file. Document this on the BDO if provided.

c. Verify the quantity of bags to be delivered. Bag tags should be included for each bag to be delivered.

[3) The airline will give you (3) copies of the same BDO.

a. Sign one copy with the information listed below and return to the airlines (For USAIR, this would be the “Station Copy”; for all other airlines, just sign one copy.)

i. Company Initials (SDS), Your name, Date and Time (Note: please print this on the left side bottom of the BDO using military time (eg;0900, etc).

b. Do the same for one other copy of the BDO (Use the ”Vendor Copy for USAIR), printing the company name (SDS), your name, date and time.(This will be the copy you get the passenger to sign and turn in to thee site manager at the end of each month. They should be organized in sequence by date beginning with the first day and ending with the last day of the month.)

c. The third copy is your copy (Customer Copy for USAIR)for your records. Please keep this in a safe location for review when you get your payroll statement. (Note: In the case of direct bill customers, such as American Airlines in Greensboro, this copy will also be submitted to Sandhills. In cases such as these, the driver should make a copy for his/her records.)

d. Before leaving the airport, the following actions must be completed.

i. Call each passenger BEFORE leaving the airport with their luggage to make arrangements for delivery with an estimated time of delivery (This should happen within 1 hour of retrieving the luggage from the Airline Baggage Service Office (BSO). If you don’t know when you will arrive, tell the passenger you will call them once you have a firm Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

ii. Document each delivery in the log book with name of passenger, airline, date/time of pickup, date/time bag is out for delivery (the time you are leaving the airport with the delivery) and your initials. This is critical as the airlines use this log to contact the driver should a passenger contact them with questions regarding the delivery of their luggage.

iii. Before loading your car, verify you have the correct bags and the correct quantity of bags for delivery. (Not doing this may cause you to leave without having the correct bag or the correct quantity of bags when you arrive at a delivery point. This will result in you back tracking to the airport to retrieve the 2 of 2 or the correct bag wasting your time and money to correct a mistake that could have been avoided by checking in the first place).

iv. Once you have loaded your car and are ready to leave, sign into WMS and claim the BDO’s you will be delivering (under the “Select Deliveries” button). Once claimed, click on “Pending Deliveries” and mark them“ out for delivery”