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The following procedure is mandatory and must be used by all drivers utilizing your SMART Phone.

If you do not have a SMART Phone at this time, please refer to SOP# 4 for instructions to remain compliant

with the tracking requirements necessary for this job. Doing these three simple MANDATORY steps will

insure that the invoicing system is updated correctly with the information being tracked by the airlines.

Not doing this will result in a poor rating for the site and may lead to termination of your service contract.

Where’s My Suitcase (WMS) Application

1. After signing out the deliveries and putting them in your car, you must sign onto Where’s My Suitcase (WMS) and do the following:

a. Time stamp the BDO as “assigned to a Driver”: Under “Select Deliveries”, select all BDO #’s that you will be delivering. As you select each, a check mark will appear next to the delivery you selected. After selecting all BDO’s you will deliver, press “Claim BDO’s”. Press the “back button (top left of screen)to return to the main menu. By doing this, you have informed the system that you will be the driver delivering those BDO’s.

b. Time stamp the BDO as “Out for deliver”: When you get in your car and are ready to leave, log back into

WMS and select “pending deliveries”. Select all deliveries you will be taking out(a check mark will appear next to each as you select them). Select “out for delivery” and they will be moved to “current deliveries”. You will see this when clicking on the “back” button and returning to the main menu screen

(NOTE: When viewing your pending deliveries, you may see a BDO you do not have.

Select this delivery and click on “”Un-assign” and it will return to “”Select Deliveries”

so someone else can claim it.)

c. Timestamp the BDO as “delivered”: Before leaving the delivery location, (Home, business, etc), go into

“Current Deliveries” and select the BDO you are currently at. Click on “”Deliver Bag”. If the signature has been waived, it will close out that BDO immediately. If it has not, it will give you the opportunity to change the

last name from the passengers name to the name of the person that signed for it (eg.. if you deliver to a hotel, change the passengers name to the Front Desk Clerks name before closing out the BDO)