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The following procedure should be followed to update RBAGS for mileage deliveries:

1. Sign on to WWW.RBAGS.COM

2. Click on the BDO number (far left) for the BDO you will be updating

3. Highlight and copy the street address

4. Click on the “Mileage” box

5. Click on the “mileage calculator”

6. When MapQuest comes up, put the curser at the beginning of the destination zip code

7. Right Click and paste the address in front of the zip code

8. Add a comma after the street address and press enter 1time

9. Click on find

10. Write-down the mileage from the primary route

11. Exit MapQuest by clicking on the red X at the top right corner of the screen

12. Click on “Close this window only”

13. In the mileage box, add the miles for the delivery

14. In the comment box, write “added mileage”

15. Click on “Add” which is to the right of the comment box

16. Click on “Save” (top left corner)

Scroll down to see that the calculation has been made and $ are now assigned to this BDO