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While each driver should be using the “Where’s My Suitcase” (WMS) application for tracking their deliveries,

if you don’t have a SMART Phone, the following alternative tracking tool should be used.

IVR Tracking

1) Save the following phone number in your phone for easy reference and use: 1-317-735-7950.

2) When calling this number, it will first identify you as driver # 123. This should be the driver number you have been assigned. Listen to the initial message to verify it is identifying you correctly. For ease of use, turn on your speaker phone so you can see your keypad and hear the instructions at the same time.

3) It will prompt you to do one of the following:

a. Press 1 to show “BAGS DELIVERED”

b. Press 2 to show “BAGS PICKED UP FROM THE BSO

c. Press 3 to show “BAGS OUT FOR DELIVERY”

d. Press 4 to show “BAGS UNDELIVERABLE

4) It will then prompt you to choose one of the following (Always choose Option 1):

a. Press 1 to update using BDO Number

b. Press 2 to update using BAG TAG Number

5) It will then prompt you to input the BDO Number and press #. Enter the last 5 digits of the BDO number and press #. Occasionally, a BDO number is used by two or more airlines and when this occurs, you will be prompted to identify the airline associated with the BDO #. (Example: It will ask you to Press 1 for (Delta) or Press 2 for (USAir) .

6) It will then prompt you to press (#) to confirm the BDO # you are updating. Listen to the BDO # played back to you to insure it is correct and press (#). If it is not, hang up and call back to restart the update. If it is, press (#) and wait for it to give you the option to press (*) to update another BDO or hang up.

It is the responsibility of each driver to update the system to reflect the current status of a delivery.

3a should be done at the delivery point; 3b should be done at time of pickup,

3c should be done before leaving the airport;

3d should be done if a delivery can’t be made for any reason.

TIPS: When you press (*), you will be able to update 1 additional BDO starting from step 4 above before it takes you back to Step 1(on the 3rd update). Pressing (**) will always take you back to step 3 above and give you the opportunity to update a delivery for a different status.