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The RBAGS home page is a summary of BDO’s delivered at your airport. At the top of the page, various filters are provided to search the database in various ways to find a particular BDO. Below are definitions of each as well as definitions associated with the various headers and drop down menus that may be required to close out a BDO after delivery.

Definitions for the various “Searchable Criteria

Accounting Period - Not used by drivers. Please ignore

Airline Code – This 2 character code identifies the airline (US is for USAir; DL or EV is for Delta, UA is for United, AA is for American, FL is for Airtran)

Airport Code – This is the 3 alpha character issued by the FAA that identifies an airport (GSO is Greensboro NC, ROA is Roanoke VA, ILM is Wilmington NC, AVL is Asheville NC and CRW is Charleston WV)

All BDOs – When searching for a particular BDO and the driver is unsure whether it has been invoiced or not, he/she can click on this to search all BDOs. At least one other filter is required to narrow the search (ie. Name, zip code, ref # or BDO #)

Claim Ref.: Claim reference number is the number assigned to the missing luggage file.

We do not normally use this but it can be used to search the database for a particular delivery if provided by the airline.

Created From Date and Created To Dates – This allows the driver to input the date range he/she wants to look at in the database.

HSD Cleared from Date - Not used by drivers. Please ignore

HSD Cleared To Date – Not used by drivers. Please ignore

Invoiced BDOs - This allows you to look only at “Invoiced BDO’s” when trying to find a particular delivery. This is normally used to reduce the searchable data from all BDOs to only those that you know have been invoiced.

Last name: This is the last name of the passenger missing luggage. This is the most common way of finding a particular delivery. Type in the last name of the passenger (as written on the BDO) and click “find”. If the BDO name has Jr, Dr, or any other characters attached to the name, you must include these in the name (e.g Smith DR, Smith JR) or smith/jones). It will only find the delivery if the last name is typed exactly as it is provided on the paper copy of the BDO.

Not invoiced BDOs – This is the default position of the data base and will only look for a particular BDO that has not been invoiced.

Order Number: This is the BDO number for the delivery. BDO Numbers consist of 3 elements: airport code, airline code and the actual BDO number (eg. GSODL12345)

Zip Code - This is the zip code of the delivery destination. This is entered by the BSO agent in the process of taking a claim from a passenger. It is CRITICAL that this is correct as all deliveries are priced based on the zip code.

Definitions for the various columns of a BDO

(seen in Grey just below the searchable criteria)

Order Number – This is the BDO number for a specific delivery

Last Name – Last name of passenger as it appears on the paper copy of the BDO

Created Date - This is the date the BDO was created by the BSO.

Claim Ref # - This is the BSO’s reference number tying the BDO to a particular Claim

Tag ID – This is the tag number of at least 1 bag in the order. (if no bag tag number is provided,

it will normally say 2, 3 ,4 , etc. identifying the number of bags included in the order

Zip Code - This is the zip code of the delivery destination

Pick up Date - This will be the Date the BDO was created and ready for pickup

Pick up time – This will be the time the BDO was created and ready for pickup (Note: USAir uses GMT time so this will appear as 4 hours after the actual time. This time will correct itself when a driver claims the delivery using WMS)

Zone – This is predetermined by the Zip Code of destination. Zones include A, B, C, D, E, F, G and Mileage(M)

(note, some airports have additional zones and can be found in there pricing books for that particular airport – currently only AVL)

Cost – This is the predetermined $ amount for all Zone A – G deliveries. For mileage deliveries, this will be $0.

(For Delta, a fuel surcharge may be paid (eg.$1.00))

Note – This is where the driver must identify why a delivery was made outside the contracted delivery window.

It will prompt you to identify one of the following from the drop down menu if a delivery is outside the contracted delivery times

DR Driver Issue – Driver made a mistake and had to do something that delayed his deliveries (e.g. Forgot a bag at the airport and had to return for it; delivered the wrong bag and didn’t realize it until he was at his next delivery, causing him to back track and delay all deliveries)

HV High Volume – Just too many deliveries to get them all done in the contract time frame

LS Late Sweep/AM Delivery – BDO was picked up after 2300 hours and BSO did not authorize

us to contact passenger.

PR Passenger Request – Used when a passenger asked for delivery time outside the delivery window

RF Refused – Used when a delivery is made and refused by the passenger for any reason

(only after reaching the passenger and agreeing to a delivery time before hand).

TF Traffic – Use this when traffic is preventing you from getting to a delivery in the contracted delivery window.

UN Unable to CTC Pax – Use this when you can’t reach the passenger to arrange delivery

VE Vendor Error – Use this when we screw up and just don’t do our job correctly and our actions prevent delivery in the contracted delivery window.

WI Wrong Information – Use this when the information provided by the BSO is inaccurate

(e.g.; phone number is bad and passenger couldn’t be reached;

address was incorrect and couldn’t locate passenger)

WX Weather – USE this when any weather condition prevents us from meeting our contracted delivery window

(e.g. snowstorm/thunderstorm/rain/floods)

Status – This field is used by the airlines to identify the current status of a delivery.

AD Baggage assigned to driver – This identifies the bag has been assigned to a driver

(this will automatically occur when a driver assigns a delivery to him/herself using the

WMS Application on your SMART phone).

AT Delivery Attempted INV – This is not a default option using WMS. If the driver attempts delivery because he reached a passenger or because the Airline Agent instructed him/her to attempt delivery without contact and the passenger was not there to sign for it as agreed, the driver will return the bag to the airport and have the agent sign the BDO as Returned to Airline (RTA). The driver is then responsible for going into RBAGS and choosing this option and closing the BDO as OD Delivered INV with the name of the agent that signed for the

returned bag so payment can be made.

BD Baggage out for delivery – This indicates the bag is out for delivery and will automatically update itself when a driver puts his/her deliveries out for delivery (moving them from “Pending Deliveries” to Current Deliveries” using the WMS application on your SMART Phone).

D2 Second Delivery INV – When the BSO requests we attempt a second delivery, the driver needs to notify the site manager so he/she can create a second BDO. Once created, he/she will update the status to show this as a 2 delivery of the same bag by choosing this as the status code instead of OD Delivered INV.

AD Baggage at distribution Center – If the driver returns a bag to the Airline because we could not deliver the luggage for any reason (couldn’t reach them, they requested we return it to the airline for pick up, etc.) the driver will notify the Site Manager so he can change the status to reflect this correctly. The site manager will change the status code to “AD Baggage at distribution center”: and change the “Signed by” field to reflect the agent that signed for the bag. (Note: the BDO that was signed by the agent when returning the bag should be kept and turned in with their other BDO’s to the site manager)

Not Delivered/Passenger pickup – When a BDO has been created by the airline but we are not given the bag for delivery, we need to change the status code to “Not Delivered/Passenger pickup” and change the “Signed By” field to “Please Delete”. Either the driver or site manager can do this.

OD Delivered – This is a default status code that appears automatically when a driver calls in the delivery using the IVR system. Each driver is responsible for changing this to OD Delivered INV when the complete their route at the end of their shift. Not doing so will result in not being paid in a timely manner as it will not be invoiced until it is updated.

OD Delivered INV – This is used to show the delivery is complete and invoicing updated.

On Hold – If a passenger asks for a delivery that is outside our delivery window, the driver can chose this status code to reflect we are holding a bag for a later delivery. When doing this, please put a comment in the “Signed By” field stating why we are holding the bag and update the “NOTES by clicking on the drop down menu and choosing “Pax Request”

UN Unable to delivery bag – This status code is used when we cannot deliver the luggage for any reason other than (“unable to contact passenger”). Update the “Signed by ”field with the reason we can’t deliver it when using this status code.

Un-assign driver – This status code appear automatically when a driver mistakenly claims a BDO they are not delivering using the WMS Application and “un-assign” it, returning it to the pool titled “Select Deliveries”. This makes it visible to other drivers so they can claim it for delivery.

UP bag picked up – This status is no longer used in conjunction with WMS. It is replaced by

“AD Baggage assigned to driver”

UP unable to reach passenger – If we can’t make contact with the passenger in the required (1 hour) time frame, we should update the status field with “UP unable to reach passenger” and indicate in the “signed by” field the current status (ie. Left Message (LM) at0900; can’t leave message, bad phone number, etc.)

Driver – This is the field the driver is identified that made the delivery. When using the IVR call in system or WMS application to show a bag is delivered, it will automatically update with the driver name and number. Making sure your name is listed here for all deliveries you do is very important as it will dictate who is paid for the delivery.

Date – This is the date of delivery. Driver is responsible for making sure this matches the date of delivery on the physical copy of the BDO.

Time – This is the time of delivery. Driver is responsible for making sure this matches the time of delivery as documented on the physical copy of the BDO.

Signed By – This is the signature of the passenger or other person that signed for the bag. (hotel deliveries should reflect the person signing for it with the following (FDC) to reflect it was a ‘Front Desk Clerk’ that signed for the luggage. If someone other than the passenger signed for the bag and has a different name, please update the system to reflect this (NOTE: you will be given the opportunity to do this when closing out a delivery using the WMS application. When using the IVR call in system, the passenger name will be replaced with “Cell Update: and change automatically to the passenger last name when clicking on “Add” to update the information for invoicing. You can highlight the name and type over it to change to another name.