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The following are definitions for the “Where’s my Suitcase” Application each driver will install on his/her phone and utilize for the three key events being tracked

a) Name of driver assigned to deliver bag(s)

b) Time of departure from Airport

c) Time of Delivery at delivery point

Signing In to WMS

Username - Each driver will be given a username that consists of his/her driver number and name.

Password - Each driver will be given a password that consists of his/her driver number and name.

Main Menu Options

Current Deliveries - This shows the BDO’s the driver has in his car and is delivering.

Pending Deliveries - This shows the BDO’s assigned to a driver

Select Deliveries - This is the general pool of unassigned deliveries at the airport that have not yet been assigned to a driver.

Emails - Should a passenger forward a message to you, it will appear here.

Map - This will take all deliveries under “Current Deliveries” and put them in the proposed delivery order based optimizing your route from the airport.

“Select Delivery” definitions

Scan - This can be used to scan the bag tag number bar code on the bag tag. The first time you try using this, it will download the SCAN app for you to load and use.

Claim BDO’s - Use this to claim BDO’s you will be delivering after selecting them from the list.

Back -This takes you back to the main menu

All - Pressing this marks all BDOs in the list

None -Use this to deselect all deliveries

           Refresh -This will update the list of potential deliveries without signing out and back in

“Pending deliveries” definitions

Scan - If you have the scan app on your phone, you can put a BDO out for delivery by scanning the bag tag.

Un-Assign - If you have a BDO in your Pending Deliveries menu that you will not be delivering, check off that BDO and press Un-Assign. This will remove it from your list and return it to the “Select Deliveries” pool for another driver to claim.

Out for Delivery - After selecting the deliveries you will be making, press “Out for Delivery”. This will move your deliveries to “Current Deliveries”. Only do this after you have loaded your bags into your car and are ready to leave the airport. Immediately after doing this, a computer generated email is sent to each passenger informing them their luggage will be delivered in the next 4 to 6 hours and give them a picture of you, your car and the ability to send it to the driver with special instructions (your email address is not visible to passenger, rather it is routed to you via an encrypted email address to your email on your phone). This will appear in both your regular email on your phone as well as in the email button on the main menu of WMS.

Select All and Select None: Use these the same as described above in “All” and “None”

Current Deliveries definitions

Edit Order – This allows you to change the delivery order of multiple deliveries. If you have 2 or more deliveries, you can press “edit order” and move your BDO’s up or down to change the order of delivery. Press “Save” once you have them in the order you will deliver them in. (NOTE: This feature is optional and not required.

Auto Route – This allows the system to automatically calculate the optimum delivery route for your deliveries. Using this feature is optional.

Un-assign – If you find you have selected a BDO that you are not delivering (either by accident or because you can’t reach the passenger, you can select the BDO (check it) and press “un-assign”. This will remove that BDO from your “Current Deliveries” and place it back in the “Select Deliveries” pool for another driver to claim.

Unable to deliver – This should only be used when a bag can not be delivered for the following reasons:

1) Delivery was picked up by passenger or

2) BDO was created in error by BSO for any reason.

When a delivery is marked as undeliverable, it will be removed from the system by management as “Not Delivered/Passenger Pickup” for reason 1 above, or as “baggage at distribution center” for reason 2 above. In both cases, the signature field will state “PLEASE DELETE”. No payment will be made for these.

Note: If you can’t deliver a bag for any other reason, please just un-assign it and document on the BDO why you couldn’t deliver it for the next driver to review.

Update address – This allows you to change the address of the delivery. Anytime a passenger asks you to bring his/her luggage to a different address, please update it before leaving the airport. This will allow for proper billing of the delivery as well as tracking of the delivery to the right location.

Deliver bag – This allows you to claim the delivery as completed. While at the delivery address, click on the delivery being made and press “deliver bag”. This will open another menu and prompt you to closing out the BDO properly.

Signed by – This is where you change the name should someone other than the passenger sign for delivery (e.g. Front desk clerk, friend, neighbor, etc.)

Submit - Pressing the “submit” button closes out the delivery you are making and GPS time stamps your current location. Only do this after you have changed the address location (if necessary) and updated the signature field (if necessary).

Back -Pressing this will allow you to go one screen back . Continuing to press “back” will take you to the main menu.