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SOP Table of Contents

The following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are provided to help Contracted Delivery Drivers understand how to perform their job functions. These are provided as an initial training tool for new drivers as well as a reference for existing drivers that may need a refresher in a given area while performing their job. Each is designed to provide consistency in how we do our jobs as well as how we report the various tracking and invoicing functions associated with each delivery. It is important that we all use these guidelines consistently to insure that proper tracking and invoicing occur on every delivery. Not following these guidelines will result in our company metrics not being accurate and corrective action plans being required by driver(s) to correct any deficiencies identified through a series of metrics tracked both at a local level and at the corporate office. Your participation in helping Sandhills Delivery Service provide a quality service to both the Airlines and their passengers is appreciated.

A PDF is also located at the bottom of each page to download for your convenience.